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Stop Trafficking

Human trafficking happens in plain sight throughout the country, and Brevard County is no exception. Bras for a Cause was created to combat this ever growing issue.

Human trafficking comes in many shapes and sizes, and often includes people from all walks of life.

All proceeds go to bras for a cause 501 C3

Bras for a Cause

Join us for an amazing night of wonderful food and drink, entertainment, and networking with a purpose.  Each year we come together to help the countless number of women in our very own local community who have been impacted by human trafficking.

By hosting Bras for a Cause each year, we are able to educate our community about human tracking and how it happens in front of us each and every day.

Mission Statement

Bras for a Cause mission is to assist in bringing awareness and education to Brevard County and beyond (local governments). We work in concert with other non-profits and formalized alliances. We are committed to working together to prevent the exploitation of men, women and children for sex and labor trafficking and to assist those in our community that have fallen victim to this horrific crime. A concerning threat is: Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST). Predators and pedophiles are specifically targeting U.S. children and young women and men at alarming and increasing rates. They target your grandchildren, child, or close friend's child. We look for support from our Healthcare providers and domestic law enforcement to help us eradicate this horrific crime.

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2022 Event Sponsors

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KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Roberto Hugh Potter Ph.D.

Director, The UCF Center for the Study of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

Roberto Hugh Potter is a professor and Sociologist at the University of Central Florida, where he has been teaching since 2008. His work is oriented towards assisting government and community-based organizations in solving social problems. Potter’s specialties include evaluation of justice, family welfare, and evaluation methods for management development in the criminal justice system, with research interests in human trafficking. Potter has resided for nearly 40 years in Florida, receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Florida in Sociology/Criminology. His experience as a Health and Behavioral Scientist at the Centers for Disease control allowed him to work in corrections and substance abuse with the Division of Violence Prevention. He is utilizing and mentoring others in the research technologies of social science to move evidence-based practices into the world of justice, public health, and welfare. His pragmatic and quantitative approach to the study of human trafficking is unique and applicable to cross-disciplinary research and investigation in the field.

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Every year, our event is sponsored by some of the most amazing businesses on the Space Coast. Our event is the perfect way to connect with those in the community who care.

Each of our sponsorship levels and the details are listed here.  You can sign up to be a sponsor securely right through our website.  Just fill out a quick form, select the sponsorship level you would like, and checkout.

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Helping to raise money

Men for a cause

One of our most popular parts of the evening is the Men for a Cause segment. Local leaders decorate and wear bras to help raise money.

Members of the audience show their support for their favorite by donating as they see fit – the man who raises the most wins!  All money raised through the event goes directly to the cause.

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